Rehash DAO Crowdfund

After recording almost 200 podcast episodes (~150 on web3 topics), I’m excited to announce Rehash: A Web3 Podcast – the first podcast DAO. By participating in this crowdfund, you will have the opportunity to help co-create this podcast by nominating and voting on your favorite guests, topics, and other aspects of the pod. In return, you will get to hear your name credited on each episode of the podcast and be part of a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.

Meet your host @ddwchen

I started podcasting right after the pandemic started in summer 2020 with my first podcast, Startup Happy Hour. During that time, I was also helping a number of B2B companies start podcasts of their own by hosting, scripting, and/or managing their post production processes. One of those companies happened to be Unstoppable Domains, and before I knew it, I had moved on to host The Unstoppable Podcast full time.

Hosting a crypto podcast before knowing anything about crypto proved to be a steep learning curve, but it was a challenge that ultimately helped me learn about DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, blockchain technology, and other facets of web3 very quickly.

Since then, I’ve gone on to create and host another web3 podcast called DAOn the Rabbit Hole and spent the last six months working on building a decentralized content engine at RabbitHole.

You can hear more about my story in this podcast episode.

Patron podium
When the crowdfund ends, the top three backers are awarded a unique NFT. Take the lead and become a top three backer by contributing.
Time Remaining
If a contribution is placed within the last 15 minutes and changes the podium positions, the time is reset to 15 minutes.
First Place
Second Place
Third Place

Meet Rehash @rehashweb3

Rehash is more than a podcast. It’s a community of people with shared values and a goal to help others learn.

Our core values are:

  1. We want to make a conscious effort to represent as many diverse perspectives as possible. If we want to build a future version of the web that serves everyone around the world, then we need to understand the perspectives of the different representative groups we want to benefit from web3. This means we think carefully about the guests we bring on and make a concerted effort to nominate minorities and people from diverse backgrounds. This also means we don't have to agree with others’ viewpoints, and we don't criticize or judge when someone else has differing viewpoints; rather, we ask questions and listen respectfully and empathetically.
  2. We believe the world (including the world of web3) operates on a greyscale, not in black and white. This means we're interested in discussing the nuances of certain arguments, not in labeling or putting everything and everyone into a box. The unknown is scary, but we revel in it because we know that the only way we'll truly learn and grow is by living in the unknown and challenging ourselves to be comfortable in the discomfort.
  3. We believe web3 is the future and that in these early stages, we all play an integral role in helping shape the future. This means we treat our decisions and actions with care and discernment, not callously nor impulsively. This also means we are humble - we recognize how little we know and are hungry to learn more.

Rehash: A Web3 Podcast will be central to this first season of the DAO. However, over time DAO members will have the power to shape this community however they please and into whatever they want – an education center, knowledge hub, support group, media publication, podcast incubator... the possibilities are endless.


Crowdfund details

What do you get by contributing to the crowdfund? You’ll get to have governance power in Rehash DAO. This means you’ll get to help shape Rehash: A Web3 Podcast by nominating guests for the podcast, voting on your favorite guests, and contributing other suggestions to help grow the podcast and further our vision.

Note: By contributing to the crowdfund, you will also receive $HASH tokens. These tokens are purely for fun and not intended as an investment asset. There will be no liquidity pool associated with $HASH at this time (if you see one on Uniswap or another exchange, please do not engage as it was not created by us).

There are a total of 3 NFTs available. Your NFT is your ticket to join the DAO.

  1. 👑 Queen of the Pod: Three 1 of 1 editions will be awarded to the top three backers at the end of the week. The holders of these NFTs have the power to come on the podcast as a guest OR transfer this power to any person they’d like to hear featured on the podcast. The first place backer will be able to exercise their power in Season 2, the second place backer will be able to exercise their power in Season 3, and the third place backer will be able to exercise their power in Season 4. The holders of these NFTs also have all powers granted to holders of the NFTs listed below.
  2. 🎙️ Podcaster: This NFT will be awarded to any backer who backs more than 0.5 ETH. Holders of this NFT have the power to vote on any guest who is nominated by holders of the Listener NFT, as well as any other proposals submitted within the DAO, whether or not directly related to the podcast. Holders of this NFT also have the powers granted to holders of the Listener NFT.
  3. 🎧 Listener: This NFT will be awarded to any backer who backs more than 0.05 ETH. Holders of this NFT have the power to nominate any guest they choose. There is no limit to the number of guests a holder can nominate per season. They will also have access to the token gated Discord channels.

You can contribute as much ETH as you’d like above the minimum threshold of 0.05 ETH. You can also contribute more than once.

Funds will go toward making Seasons 1 and 2 of Rehash: A Web3 Podcast a reality. Any excess funds beyond what is needed to produce Seasons 1 and 2 of the podcast will be deposited into the DAO treasury and used toward development of future Rehash DAO initiatives, as voted on by contributors.

Funds needed to make Rehash a reality include:

  • Design costs. Rehash started as nothing more than an idea. All of the design assets you see on our website, social media pages, podcast art, NFTs, etc. are the product of hours and hours of time given to us by our designer. We want to make sure they are adequately compensated.
  • Production costs. This includes our production and post-production tools, time spent editing audio and video for each episode, and time spent recording each episode. We want to make sure our host and editors are adequately compensated.
  • Operations costs. This includes time spent scheduling guests, researching and setting up the DAO, brainstorming and strategizing DAO operations, and any other miscellaneous tasks that might arise that act as the glue that holds the DAO together.
2 Editions
Collectable NFTs available exclusively for backers.


The content on the podcast is meant to educate, inspire, and create conversation around important topics in web3. The goal is to present differing viewpoints on a topic to help listeners think critically about certain issues and formulate their own opinions and perspectives.

The only limitation to our content is that it must adhere to our core values listed above.

Season 1

Season 1 of Rehash: A Web3 Podcast has been pre-recorded and will drop in two batches on Tuesday, April 19, 2022 and Tuesday, April 26, 2022.

Season 1 features guests like Julia Rosenberg (Orca Protocol), Jihad Esmail (Syndicate & Forefront), Ben Lakoff (Charged Particles), Jonathan Mann (SongADAO), and DeFi Educator and YouTuber Kris Kay (aka Defi Donut). Topics range from tokenized communities to nesting NFTs to web3 creator economy to the Ethereum merge, and more. You can start listening now at this link.

Season 2

Starting with Season 2, DAO members will be able to nominate and vote on guests for the podcast, as well as how the podcast is structured, specific segments within the podcast, and anything else the group thinks of. Any token holder has the power to submit a proposal and have that proposal voted on by the other members.

We believe curators are just as important as creators, so we want to reward members who nominate a winning guest by crediting them on the podcast.

We could sit here and create a long page of detailed rules for how the DAO will operate, but we would rather let the community decide. Rehash is a true community effort, and we’re especially grateful to everyone who participates especially at this early stage.

A special thank you to Tyler, Ellie, Libbie, and our shadowy super designer for working tirelessly to help make this project a reality.