Weekly Update 5/6: Guest Nominations, Launch Party, Discord Open
May 6th, 2022

We had another big week at Rehash, starting with a launch party for our token holders where we introduced governance opportunities like nominating guests and helping shape the future of the DAO.

Launch party 🎉

We held a launch party in the Rehash Discord for all token holders on Tuesday of this week. Ellie helped organize some vibey activities while Tyler DJ’ed. We also shared a Request for Feedback doc (any token holder can access by connecting their wallet), which includes our long term vision for Rehash DAO and some open questions we’d like the DAO’s help in thinking through.

Here’s a link to the call recording in case you missed it.

Right after our call, we kicked off our guest nomination process on Snapshot.

Guest nominations ✍️

From Tuesday, May 3 until Tuesday, May 10, any Rehash token holder has the power to nominate anyone they’d like to hear as a guest on Season 2 of the podcast by submitting a proposal on Snapshot. Anyone is able to view and track the proposals here.

As of the time of this posting on Friday morning, there are 11 proposals. Season 2 of the podcast will contain 16 episodes, so there is still plenty of room for submissions and plenty of time to nominate your favorite people in this space (including yourself!)

Guest voting 🗳️

Once our nomination period closes on Tuesday, May 10, our voting period will begin.

Any token holder who holds the Podcaster NFT or a Queen of the Pod will be able to vote on the proposals submitted. Voting will take place from Tuesday, May 10 until Tuesday, May 17 on Snapshot.

Season 2 of Rehash: A Web3 Podcast 🎙️

Season 2 of the podcast will launch on Tuesday, May 24 and run until Thursday, July 14. New episodes will be published every Tuesday and Thursday for a total of 16 episodes.

We won’t be able to start recording episodes with guests until voting closes on Tuesday, May 17, but we do have our first guest lined up already – the anon who contributed 5 ETH to our crowdfund and took first place on the winner’s podium. We can’t wait to reveal who this anon is, ask them why they were compelled to contribute so much to the crowdfund, and share more of their story with you.

Discord updates 👾

Our Discord server is finally set up and open to the public, with token gated channels for our crowdfund participants. We have open channels for podcast discussions and just for vibin’.

Over the last few days, we have experienced some technical difficulties with our token gating bot, so if you’re a token holder, you won’t be able to view the token gated channels for the time being. We’re really sorry about this and appreciate your patience with us as we’re working with the devs to get it sorted out. We’ll make an announcement in Discord as soon as it’s sorted so we can start chatting DAO things in Discord again.

How to get involved ✋

There are a few ways you can get involved with Rehash DAO.

If you’re NOT a token holder:

  1. Join our Discord server and come ~vibe~ with us
  2. Catch up on Season 1 of the podcast and share your thoughts in the #podcast-discussion channel on Discord
  3. Keep up with which guests are being nominated for next season of the podcast on Snapshot, Twitter, Backdrop, or Barracuda

If you ARE a token holder:

  1. Join our Discord server and get verified in our token gated channels (once our bot is fixed)
  2. Nominate your favorite people as guests for Season 2 of the podcast on Snapshot
  3. Leave your comments and feedback on our Request for Feedback doc

See you next week ✌️

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